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The days of paying exorbitant sums for employee healthcare coverage are over. EverydayCARE®️ from Redirect Health has NO copay on routine primary care coverage that includes labs, chiropractic, mental health and low deductibles for Hospitalization.

Simple and easy pricing

Gain a business advantage with free healthcare for your employees.

Free healthcare is one of the best ways to attract and retain skilled workers. Contribute one fixed price per-month per-employee and give them the peace-of-mind they deserve.

ERISA 20 to 200+ employees plan shown


per employee/month
Employee + Spouse - $785/mo.
Employee + Children - $815/mo.
Employee + Family - $1,145/mo.

Households with at least one member who uses tobacco products are NOT eligible for the inclusive $75 discount as reflected in the Hospitalization prices above.

$0 Copay
Primary Care – 24/7 Virtual & In-Office
Chiropractic Office Visits
Lab Benefits
Mental Health Counseling
Specialists and Hospitalization
$50 Copay Specialists, MRI & CT scans,
ultrasounds, & other imaging

$2,000 Deductible | 20% coinsurance
$4,000 out-of-pocket max
$4,000 Deductible | 20% coinsurance
$6,000 out-of-pocket max

Additional Benefits

Multiplan PHCS Practitioner Network

Prescription Benefits

What Redirect Health will
do for you

With insurance premiums still on the rise, businesses across America have increasingly struggled to provide quality care for their employees. With Redirect Health your business can provide quality healthcare at a price you can actually afford.

Lower healthcare spend

Competitively recruit

Increase retention

Get better care

Recruit Quality Employees

Looking for a competitive advantage in recruitment? With Redirect Health, you can offer healthcare to potential employees to help attract the very best talent.

Retain Your
Best People

Healthcare is important to your employees. Increase satisfaction and improve retention by providing your team with a FREE healthcare option.

Low Deductibles

Protect your employees from outrageous medical bills. Give them peace of mind knowing their healthcare includes a low deductible and out-of-pocket max.

Plan Benefits

Your EverydayCARE® Membership Includes

24-Hour Concierge
Always available via App, text, or call

National Direct Primary Care
Virtual & in-office visits – always scheduled for you

Protection against high-dollar medical expenses

Labs and Immunizations
Low-cost routine care

Prescription Benefits
Copays $10, $25, $50, $100

12 FREE visits per year

Mental Health
Unlimited no-cost tele counseling included

Virtual Primary Care
Always at no cost to you – 24/7/365

Redirect Health Network
Use your doctor or one of over 700,000 nationwide

How Paul Johnson Drywall used Redirect Health to lay the foundation for success

Listen to Cole Johnson discuss using Redirect Health to reduce his e-Mod scores and slash his company’s workers' comp claims cost by 30%.

“The fact that our employee retention is high – much higher than it has ever been – can be directly linked to offering quality, affordable care plans through Redirect Health.”

For groups of 20 to 200+ this program is an ERISA self-funded insurance plan managed by Redirect Health exclusively for members of the Modern Business Council. The risk pool is managed by Newpath Mutual Insurance Company. See program guide for details.

This plan meets the minimum requirements for Penalty A MEC (Minimal Essential Coverage) and Penalty B MVP (Minimal Value Plan) of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) when specified on the Benefit Summary or SPD (Summary Plan Description).

When directed by Redirect Health. See Plan Document for coverage limitations and details. Hospitalization benefits are optional and members(s) can choose to opt out for a lower plan cost.