Save 40% or More on Healthcare for Your Business

It’s true! You could save 40% in less than two years with a goal of no more than 4.5% annual increases.

Our Plans Include:

$0 Copay

$50 Copay​

Low Deductibles​

Plus Much More!

Affordable Healthcare Plans Starting at
$150, $415, & $515 / month

Create your custom Redirect Health healthcare plan and get a quote in three simple steps

How Redirect Health Works for Your Business

Nationwide Care 24/7​

Access to 24/7 virtual care and 700,000+ providers nationwide or add your own doctor

Attract & Retain Talent

Increase participation with an affordable plan employees can use and cut out-of-pocket costs in half

Reliable Rates

Say goodbye to double-digit premium growth by saving 40% in 2 years with less than 4.5% annual increases

Healthcare Made Easy with the Redirect Health Member App​

The Redirect Health Member App simplifies your healthcare journey with the latest technology.

  • Access care 24/7
  • Schedule or notify about upcoming appointments
  • View Member Card
  • Upload a bill
  • Request Extra Help
  • And more!

Redirect Health vs. Traditional Healthcare

Not only does your business save, but your employees do too! Redirect Health manages your employees’ healthcare journey with a team of experts and providers available 24/7 that help cut your employee’s out-of-pocket costs in half.

Redirect Health

(Copay Costs)

Traditional Insurance

(National Copay Cost Averages)

Employee Memberships Includes

24-7 Access to Care

A Team of Medical Experts and Providers Always On-Call

Routine In-Office Care

Always $0 Copays and Guided for You

Labs & Immunizations

Always at no cost to you

Prescription Benefits

Access to Local and Nationwide Pharmacies

Mental Health & Chiropractic

$0 Copay Tele-Counseling and 12 Free Chiropractic Visits

Redirect Health Network

Access to 700,000+ Providers Nationwide

How Redirect Health Works

Learn how Redirect Health plans work for members and how your clients can save time and money with our quality healthcare plans.

Healthcare Reimagined

Hear from our business owner and broker partners about how Redirect Heath changed healthcare for their companies.

Businesses Love Redirect Health

Google rated 4.6 stars based on 3,332 Reviews. Showing our 4 & 5 star reviews.

Thousands of Business Owners and Employees Trust Redirect Health for Their Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

Redirect Health has built a healthcare plan that eliminates the unnecessary activity and spending that are so common in the healthcare system and makes accessing care both simple and affordable for everyone. We provide health services that many companies may offer on their own but bring them all together under one plan to provide our members with the highest-quality care that is reliable and easy to use.

  1. Telehealth
  2. Direct primary care
  3. Care navigation
  4. Population health
  5. Insurance

Once your account has been set up you will receive a unique online enrollment link for employees to enroll. After they enroll, they will receive a text activation to get started!

Simply reach out to us via the app to access your care! Our care team is available 24/7/365, simply contact us first with any medical need.

For traditional insurance carriers, claims are submitted with rates that are pre-negotiated. Redirect Health, instead, does the medical part first, oftentimes virtually, so many claims can be avoided. When claims are needed, we negotiate the costs of care with the providers to ensure your employees always get the right care at the right price.

Minimum contribution is 50% of employee only. We recommend $395 or more to ensure your employees have all the coverage they need for themselves and/or their family.

Yes! EverydayCARE® Hospitalization meets both penalty A and penalty B of the ACA.

To get started with Redirect Health, simply fill out our form by clicking a “Quote Your Team” button.

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