Salt Lake Valley Brokers,

Be a Part of Bringing Affordable and Accessible Healthcare to Your Community

With rising premiums and out-of-pocket costs out of control, simply put, healthcare today is unaffordable and unattainable. Redirect Health is doing something about it.

Building Better Healthcare

Redirect Health has built a plan employees can actually use! Our affordable health care plans have lower premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs and boosts employee participation

Bring Accessible and Affordable Healthcare to Your Community – with the collaboration of Redirect Health and Steward Hospitals

Offer your clients a healthcare plan that disrupts the commercial healthcare mold and leverages local direct contracts to bring high-quality access to care right to your neighborhood. Using collaborations with key hospitals and grocery stores in the Salt Lake Valley, access to prescriptions and care are more affordable than ever. 

Gain immediate access to hospitals, specialists, and urgent cares in your area with a direct contract with Steward Hospitals

Affordable prescriptions access through copay programs and community collaborations

Receive lower out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles through local strategic partnerships

Maintain your client’s bottom line with a plan that prioritizes low premiums and cost management

Why Partner With Redirect Health

We understand the unique requirements small and medium sized businesses have when it comes to their healthcare. That’s why Redirect Health has leveraged a value-based cost control system along with collaborations with local healthcare businesses so you can finally bring your clients an affordable plan with year-over-year price stability that can offset their risk.

Simplicity and Price Transparency

Eliminate balance bills for your clients and reduce deductibles with out-of-pocket cost relief

TPA & Medical License in All 50 States

Simple and affordable nationwide plans for all clients

Dedicated Healthcare Consultants

We streamline care for both our partners and clients

Easy Enrollment & Seamless Renewals

We remove unnecessary administration and waste

No Medical Underwriting

Get your clients set up on their new healthcare plan quickly and seamlessly

ACA Compliant Plans

EverydayCARE Hospitalization meets both penalty A and penalty B of the ACA

Competitive Commissions

Grow your agency with lower premium costs and higher participation

Our Clients Love Redirect Health

See why these business owners chose Redirect Health for their employees, and how finding simple and affordable healthcare changed their business.

Simple & Affordable Pricing


per employee/month with $0 copay on routine care

ERISA 20 to 200+ employees plan shown

$0 Copay

Primary Care
Chiropractic Office Visits
Lab Benefits
Mental Health Counseling

Additional Benefits

Multiplan PHCS
Practitioner Network
Prescription Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Redirect Health has built a healthcare plan that eliminates the unnecessary activity and spending that are so common in the healthcare system and makes accessing care both simple and affordable for everyone. We provide health services that many companies may offer on their own but bring them all together under one plan to provide our members with the highest-quality care that is reliable and easy to use.

  1.  Telehealth
  2. Direct primary care
  3. Care navigation
  4. Population health
  5. Insurance

For traditional insurance carriers, claims are submitted with rates that are pre-negotiated. Redirect Health, instead, does the medical part first, oftentimes virtually, so many claims can be avoided. When claims are needed, we negotiate the costs of care with the providers to ensure our members always get the right care at the right price.

Yes! EverydayCARE Hospitalization meets both penalty A and penalty B of the ACA.

As an appointed broker with Redirect Health, you will receive your own personalized online store with a custom enrollment link.

Redirect Health uses our own integrated technology that creates a seamless member enrollment experience. For those who prefer to use BenAdmin systems, we do have the ability to connect to your system using API integration.

To get contracted with Redirect Health, simply fill out our form at the top of the page.

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